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Creative Projects/New for 2023

Creative Projects/New for 2023

Photography is my passion and also my full-time job.  I have recently decided to take it to the next level. I am starting photography projects that will allow me to explore my creativity and express my ideas in the form of photographs. These projects will allow me to tell the story of a person, place or thing and hope to draw you in.  If I do my job well, you will want to see more.

This will be a completely different style than Nebraska Commercial Photography or Nebraska Headshots and allows me to create and fill my soul.  I call it camera therapy.  I also a reader and love books.  I miss the lazy afternoons curled up with a book but time has directed me to use my free time in different way behind the lens. With my camera in hand, I am going to create stories as I journey though the next few years.  I love to wander the back roads especially in the Midwest including Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and the Dakotas. I love to find the hidden gems.  Through my projects, I hope to create something that is meaningful, inspiring, memorable and touches you so check back through the year!

I hope you want to explore my projects and get closer to the story. The projects and stories will take time and many will have no end. I will add chapters to my stories using updated photos that move me in that moment of time.  Tom Hubbell out of Omaha, Nebraska is my first project.  His skill with clay on the potters wheel surpasses most. He is potter behind Stone Thrown Studio in Omaha, NE.  It is super fun to photograph Tom working.   Please reach out and let me know how you like my projects and if you have an idea for one, reach out. I hope to meet you on my next camera journey.

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