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How is Covid affecting Nebraska Headshot Photography?

How is Covid affecting Nebraska Headshot Photography?

This has been a long couple of years and shows no sign of ending soon.  I thank you for your patience as we navigate to keep all of us healthy for the future!

Your safety and health are my main concern.  Everyone affiliated with Nebraska Headshot Photography on photo sessions is fully vaccinated and I have a booster.  I am masking up for photo sessions when requested and am fully sanitizing the studio.  Of course, I would not expect anyone I am photographing to wear a mask but will ask you to limit guests you bring to your photo sessions for the safety of us all.  I have plenty of room in the studio so no one is on top of each other and you also have a private dressing room that is clean and sanitized for your needs.

When I am in the field photographing real estate and commercial jobs, you will see me in a mask and possibly gloves if I am in homes shooting real estate.  I am trying to keep myself and your employees healthy too!  Please understand it is out of respect for anyone if they are vaccinated or not.  I am not taking any political side as I respect everyone’s opinion but think it is very important you know what to expect out of my studio.

#1 rule with Nebraska Headshots is being SAFE!  If you do not feel well, I would rather have you reschedule your appointment.  It is that simple. 

Thanks and Be Well!


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