Commercial Photography & Still Life

Commercial Photography & Still Life

Commercial Photography, Nebraska Headshots and Still Life Photography


I have embarked on a year study of Commercial Photography from one of the best and was recently given an assignment.  What this assignment did was open my mind to what certain items might symbolize and be important to many.  Nebraska Headshot photography also extended to all commercial work.

The assignment was simple.  Photograph a knife but be prepared they are hard as hell to photograph.  It was, and this shot took me 4 hours.  I get critiqued in a couple of days but what is important is I am happy with it.   Anyone that knows me is aware I am always up for a challenge and what you see in the image I posted is going to also honor many Navy Seamen who fought in the Korean war on the USS Thompson.

For many years, they reunited in a different location to touch base and remember.  These men served our country for months at a time on that Navy Ship, the USS Thompson which also extended years in their service.  The knife I photographed was given to my husband by my father in law.  It was made by one of the US Navy Seaman he served with and he received it at a reunion.  This tool was one of the main tools they used on a daily basis on that ship in so many different ways. 

Navy knives are issued to sailors and Marines in the U.S Navy – they are made by the United States Navy and it is a standard issue.  I imagine that this one was very similar to what was issued.  

My father-in-law will soon be 92.  He believes he is one of three left surviving the USS Thompson today.  There are no more reunions as most have passed on.  There are more stories to hear and I need to do that.  Thank you to everyone who has served our great country.

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