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How to prepare for your Headshot session

How to prepare for your Headshot session

This is your digital image for all your business needs. Our goal is to have this image look like you and not something that was created 20 years ago. We want you natural and comfortable and will capture that glint in your eyes that enhances your personality.

Your wardrobe should be wrinkle and stain free on arrival. Patterns do not work well in photographs unless we have the right background set up for your shot. The focus is on your face. This is your digital signature. A suggestion for solid colors that complement the backdrop chosen works the best.

Ladies- Less is more in the make-up department. If I can see a make-up line on your jaw or neck, the camera will also. Check with a mirror. Glitter and sunscreen that is in many makeup products can reflect in the camera and cause specular spots on your skin. A wardrobe that does not show tan lines on your upper torso is suggested. Be cautious on clothing trends. The holes in the shoulders for example will date the image and you.

Guys- A quick shave before the session is suggested. We can remove the red but not beard or stubble from not shaving. Make sure your hair is groomed as we do not do virtual haircuts or grooming. Make sure your shirt is wrinkle free. Bring a fresh shirt for the photo and change right before. Make sure you bring a tie or you might be forced into one of ours if your company requires it.

We retouch all our headshots. Please select link below to review what our standard and enhanced retouching procedures are.

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