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Nebraska Headshot Retouching

Nebraska Headshot Retouching

-Everything you need to know about what we do to retouch your images

Retouch- Everything you need to know about what we do to retouch your images! Our goal is to have you get a good night’s rest and be hydrated before your photograph is taken. You will arrive to the session with your wardrobe, hair and face ready for your portrait. Yes, a headshot is a portrait. Transparency, authenticity and the real you is your photographed digital signature in today’s world. We have small mirrors, lint removers, hair spray & combs available at the session for a quick check.

Standard retouching package

  • Whiten teeth
  • Reduce the dark circles under your eyes
  • Lighten the appearance of wrinkles on your face
  • Eliminate most stray hairs and add a touch of spray before your session
  • Remove temporary blemishes like acne Enhance color and contrast for visual impact

What is not included in the standard retouching package

  • Change your natural features
  • Change hair style, cover roots or color
  • Remove tan lines 
  • Remove moles or birth marks without discussion as your headshot is taken. You must take the initiative if something bothers you 
  • Virtually iron wrinkled or disheveled clothes
  • Remove logos or graphics from clothing 
  • Remove beards or stubble from not shaving

Extensive editing options are for the unforeseen issues and special effects you would like us to do.

  • Background replacement or Custom backgrounds
  • Change color of ties, clothing or makeup colors 
  • Body sculpting (slimming, contouring and other adjustments)
  • Group composites (add or remove people from group images)
  • Virtually iron wrinkled or disheveled clothes- It will never be perfect but better
  • Change hair style or color 
  • Remove logos and stains from clothes
  • Removing specular glitter and highlights made from sunscreen in makeup  Remove moles, freckles, dimples and birthmarks after the image is delivered
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