Memorial Day and Honoring those who gave us our freedom!

Memorial Day and Honoring those who gave us our freedom!

  1. Nebraska Headshot Photography would like to take a few moments and remember those who have served our country and gave their greatest sacrifice which is themselves for us.  I can not think of anything more honorable.
  2. With Memorial Day just around the corner, it is important to remember those who have served and gave the greatest sacrifice which is themselves.  We have a special offer for those who currently serve and if you want to get out of your Kahki’s or have an image taken with them on, we can schedule a session for yourself at 50% discount for your social media pages. You are invited in studio during the month of June and will need to reach out to me to schedule.  This offer is for those currently serving.
  1. The soldier in the photograph had this taken right before her third tour in Afghanistan in 2016.  She went without complaint, honor and is one of the most impressive people I have ever met.  She did not lose her life but lives life today at its fullest!   Thank you Anna for your service!
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