Photographs & Insurance Claims

Photographs & Insurance Claims

IGuide 3D Nebraska Real estate photography

Let’s look at how having good photography images can save you headaches if you have to file a claim for property loss. By having a complete inventory of all the personal possessions in your home is the first step in ensuring that, should something happen that damages or destroys your property, you have an accurate idea of what that property consists of.  A 360 scan of your property is even better and can be used to support any insurance claims you submit following a burglary, fire or other property-damaging event. Insurance adjusters would welcome these as their job with claims is made easier. Your insurance agent can guide you on how often you should do this.  Are you in Nebraska or a neighboring state?  If you need a good insurance agent or realtor call Terri Scholting

Nebraska Headshots & Commercial Photography has an easier way to document your possessions from the ceilings of your home to the floor and every closet and crevice of your property. It is called I-Guide. We can come in and photograph or do a scan of your home so you have a record of your belongings. This is done with panoramas and 360 tour. closets are open, drawers can be open, and the camera will catch items if it can see it. This is a great tool to have in your pocket if there were a natural disaster involving your house. How many of remember all of our jewelry, furniture, electronics, light fixtures and all of our kid’s possessions. If you are like me, time is my enemy and I would prefer to hire someone to capture all of this for me. 

Not only does Iguide do a tour and document your possessions in your home using 360 scans, it will draw up your floor plans so you can verify you are not paying too much in taxes. We can get as detailed as you wish. Give me a call if you are interested in one of our scans please reach out!  There is a contact button on all pages.  How an I-guide tour can benefit a commercial business will be in our next blog!

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