Nebraska Real Estate Photography Hints

In the real estate market, there are always new developments and new trends. The real estate photography has been a crucial part of the industry for decades because it helps to create a better first impression. This is why you need to hire a professional photographer who is registered with the state and insured to take your photos if you want them to be top notch. I work with a number of agents and if you need a referral I can help guide you to one that you can connect with.  Timeless Real Estate Photography is a business I have built and love!

One of my areas of expertise is Real Estate Photography. It is a challenge and fun! It is truly an honor when a seller welcomes me into their home to photograph it. I look for the best angles, the best lighting, key elements that make your home stand out, and my goal is to photograph the home so it is authentic, attract the buyers to come in and see it and have your property sold! Worried about the weather? I make it work to my advantage. I have the training and gear with real estate photography to make your photography session a success.  I also am a Certified Professional Photographer through Professional Photographers of America.  What that means is when an adverse situation happens, I can handle it well.  I have studied lighting, technique, passed exams and much more.  You can hire me with confidence.

I send my real estate agents a prep list and hints to prepare their home for the market and I also have this list for my “for sale by owners!” At first it seems overwhelming but by doing what is suggested on the preparation list, your home will show in the best light. What is the biggest culprit? I believe it is clutter. In my own home I am guilty of that. I like my things and memories from my deceased parents but when a property is up for sale, all photographs, mementos, extra furniture, books, knickknacks, things on the kitchen counter all need to be packed up and ready to move when it is time. If you are interested in my prep list, email me and I will send it out.

I prepared myself for a slow week but was surprised! I had 4 new agents reach out to me and they advised they will be my returning clients in the future. I photographed some properties that need a bit of love and also some properties that were spectacular! Did I ever tell anyone that I love to watch HGTV? One of my favorite tools I work with is the I-Guide. I have photographed some fantastic properties with it! If you would like a demo, I am happy to oblige. It is great for commercial properties and insurance.

  1. I am also available for commercial photography of hotels, resorts, multi dwelling units and am willing to travel. If you need any of my services, please reach out! I can travel to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas. I will be traveling to the Ozarks in a couple of weeks so if you have property there that needs my attention, let me know.  I travel with drone also!

Happy Selling and Leasing! Nebraska Headshot Photography works the commercial properties and housing market.

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